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Why not purchase all of your bulky toiletries, babies nappies, to save on your luggage allowance!


While we make every effort to ensure your delivery is on time and accurate, during the busy month of August, we require at LEAST 2 days notice.


To help organise a smooth delivery, please place your order as far in advance as possible, especially hire equipment, you can edit your order at any time or cancel the order up to 3 days before the delivery. Please register to use this facilty.

Cash on Delivery

We have been asked on many occasions why we only do cash on delivery, the reason is that we found that customers were placing an order and after that they required other items, these then were paid in cash at the point of delivery, also on some occasions very rarely we cannot get a product that you require and we then had to arrange a refund to your card, as you will all know this is not as easy as it should be and does give us more work, others did not actually come on holiday for one reason or another and we had to arrange refunds, and due to the often poor internet coverage on our beautiful island remote card payments machines do not work very well in a lot of areas, and the best part of cash on delivery is you get your goods and pay on receipt of them, we have heard of companies that were and possibly are still doing it, IE: you order the goods then pay and spend the first day of your holiday trying to find out where your shopping is, then find out that the supplier is not contactable, so we feel that for all round protection and indeed ease, cash on delivery works best for our customers and us.

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