Your order delivery

Orders can be delivered prior to your arrival, so when you arrive you will find your fridge full of cold beer, wine, soft drinks etc.  Simply give us the contact details of the holiday company, and if they are ok with us delivering early then we will do that.

We will ask you for your flight details, so that we may check your progress, therefore even if you are unfortunately delayed, your order will arrive when you do, or very shortly after.

Our delivery service is offered 7 days a week, including Fiestas (Bank holidays) between 8am - 10pm, but can be extended under exceptional circumstances, by request. Making our service unique throughout Menorca.

We aso offer a top up service, so even if you have further requirements during your stay you can order by telephone, email or online by 11am for next day delivery.

All we ask is for a minimum order of only 120€ which will be delivered free of charge.

Minimum order value 69€ - delivery charge 25€.

Orders greater than 120€ - delivered FREE

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